(1.1)Following Christ

(1,2) Be Humble



(1.5)Reading Sacred Scriptures

(1.6) Inordinate Affections

(1.7) Avoiding vain Hope and Pride

(1.8) Familiarity

(1.9) Obedience and Dicipline

(1.10) Words

(1.11)Peace, Zeal, Spiritual Progress

(1.12) Adversity

(1.13) Temptations

(1.14) Avoid Rash Judgment

(1.15)Works done Out of Love

(1.16)Bearing the Faults of Others

(1.18)the Examples of the Holy Fathers

(1.19) Spiritual Exercises of a Good Person

(1.20) Love Solitude and Silence

(1.21) Contrition of the Heart

(1.22)Human Misery

(1.23) A Meditation on Death

(1.24) Judgment

(1 25) Amending Life

(2.1)The Inner Life

(2.2) Humble Submission

(2.3) The Good and Peaceable Person

(2.4)Purity and Simplicity

(2.5)Knowing Oneself

(2.6) A Good Conscience

2.7 Love of Jesus

(2.8) Of Familiar Friendship

(2.9) On Consolation

(2.10)Gratitude for Graces

(2.11) So Few Lovers of the Cross

(2.12) The Royal Road to the Holy Cross

(3.1) Christ speaks to the Faithful Soul

(3.2) Truth Speaks in Silence

(3.3)Listen With Humility

(3.5)Divine Love’s Effects

(3.4) Truth and Humility

(3.5)Divine Love’s Effects